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Many inner-city youths over the years, were able to proudly wear their identity literally on their chests with brands like FUBU (For US By Us,) Karl Kani, Phat Farm, Sean John or Rocawear; however, many of these brands have recently disappeared from the shelves of many major retailers leaving a void in the urban fashion market. Once again, without a brand they can identify with readily available for purchase, urban and ghetto youths have been forced to support billionaires that don’t look like them by purchasing garments that command an exuberant price simply because it has the name of a billionaire owned professional sports team’s logo on it or the name of some random guy in Italy neither of whom would be caught dead listening to dancehall, rap, or even hip hop yet have no problems getting richer off a new generation of urban youths who created that culture. Ironically, that same generation of urban youths would never be allowed to date the children of those “fashion” billionaires or even enter into the same country club as them simply because of how they are dressed.

With the “Black Lives Matter” movement in the USA, opposition to monarchies in Europe and an anti-Imperialist vibe in Asia and Africa, Millennials are listening to the music that they identify with, watching reality shows that reflect their lifestyle and when given the option, will wear clothing that represents their culture. This is why it is expected that the Official VK Line brand, based on Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Movement, and communicated through his music, is poised to take over urban fashion globally.

Unlike most of the other successful urban brands that started out as unknown companies born in NYC that utilized mass marketing and public relations to expand outside North America, the Gaza Movement already has pent up demand for Official Vybz Kartel merchandise so it is expected this will be a global brand in a matter of weeks. This is because there are millions of poor ghetto or inner city youth with a burning desire for financial success who feel no less than any human despite their circumstances and identify greatly with Kartel’s philosophy delivered in his music that influences them to tell the rich corporations “afta yuh nuh more dan mi” and that we “mind pon wi money and money pon we mind.” In others words, despite my circumstances and your wealth, you are not a better person than me. It is a maxim that has spread throughout the earth to the point where buses in Kenya are painted with Kartel all over it, Scandinavian kids in north Europe proudly choose his songs for their dance-offs and the first English phrase Japanese youths say is often “Gaza for life!”. The brand could be coined “A brand, for the progressive ghetto youth, made by progressive ghetto youths.”

Not much is being revealed about the corporate structure of the brand except that all the intellectual property is owned by Taneisha Johnson, wife of Vybz Kartel and licensed to a company owned by one of his close business associates. With the line extending from t-shirts, to underwear, intimate apparel, bustiers, beach attire, ladies gym shorts, foot wear and premium caps; driven by a plan to take on global brands; it is evident that this company is well funded and proudly says “Official VK Line – From Portmore to the World”.

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